L'appartamento ecosostenibile

"per una vacanza consapevole di qualità"

Welcome where the sun stops longer, in places where hospitality reigns, where hills, sea and authentic villages tempt the eyes and the heart, an area open to the world but which never gives up being itself, with people , history and culture that have always made the difference.

A few kilometers from Alghero airport and the town of the same name, one of the most famous and ancient locations in Sardinia, on the slopes of Monte Rosso immersed in the Olmedese countryside, an ecological house with a comfortable Bio-Eco-sustainable apartment, the ideal location for families who wish to find all the comforts of their home in the holiday location, for a romantic getaway, for a break from a business or work trip, for all those who choose to spend time in an unspoiled natural place and who want a vacation responsible in respect of the environment.

"Ethics is not exactly the doctrine that teaches us how to be happy, but one that teaches us how we can do to make ourselves worthy of happiness." 

Immanuel Kant


For the apartment, for the garden and for all the rooms available to our Guest, La casa Gaia has chosen bio-sustainable because it is certain that it means giving the product an added value, it is an ethical choice that allows the safeguard of the environment but above all it allows us to maintain that contact with nature that we risk losing in a world that is too often artificial: after all, despite progress, the needs of the human species remain unchanged.

The welcome and hospitality are a project of life, to promote the area, we will be happy to share them with you

Simona and Eduardo

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