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"La vacanza consapevole di qualità"

"Ethics is not exactly the doctrine that teaches us how to be happy, but one that teaches us how we can do to make ourselves worthy of happiness." 

Immanuel Kant

Welcome to where the sun is still longer, in places where the hospitality reigns, where hills, sea and authentic villages tempt eyes and heart, an open area in the world but that never gives up being himself, with people , history and culture that have always made the difference.

We are in Olmedo, a beautiful village of 4200 inhabitants with an ancient history, on a human scale, adapted to the needs of the individual, located on a mostly hilly area a few kilometers from the Riviera del Corallo, in a strategic position from the point geographically that it will allow you to visit as well as our beautiful beaches on the north / west coast and the north of Sardinia Coral coast - Asinara Gulf - Argentiera - Stintino - Porto Torres - Sorso - Castelsardo - Badesi, even our wonderful hinterland with many very interesting archaeological sites, including one of the most important megalithic fortifications Mediterranean Olmedo that keeps confirming its deep roots in his full strength, the complex of Monte Baranta, the most outstanding example of settlement fortified prenuragico attributable to the Copper age between 2400 and 2200 BC.

La casa Gaia has always been attentive and sensitive to the environment that surrounds it, was constructed taking into account sustainability parameters with natural materials and low environmental impact, then thought for the environment and for those who must use them, in order to give ideal living comfort. E 'for those who want a peaceful holiday in the countryside, in direct contact with nature, with 1,000 square meters of well-kept garden in exclusive equipped with every comfortand..

For breakfast, and not only La casa Gaia chose the bio because it is certain that it means to equip the product of an added value, it is an ethical choice that allows the preservation of the environment and above all keeps that contact with nature that we risk losing in a world often too artificial: in the end despite the progress the requirements of the human species remain unchanged!

The welcome and hospitality are a project of life, to promote the area, we will be happy to share them with you

Simona and Eduardo

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