We are located in Olmedo, a magnificent village with an ancient history of 4200 inhabitants, on a human scale, suitable for the needs of the individual, located on a mostly hilly area a few kilometers from the Riviera del Corallo, in a strategic position from the from a geographical point of view, being in fact in the center of the triangle Sassari, Porto Torres and Alghero, whose distances are also small respectively 18, 25 and 12 Km, which will allow you to visit our beautiful beaches on the north / west coast and north of Sardinia, as well as Riviera del Corallo - Gulf of Asinara - Argentiera - Stintino - Porto Torres - Sorso - Castelsardo - Badesi, also our wonderful hinterland with its numerous lakes, including the only natural lake in Sardinia, the Baratz lake, with the plain of Nurra, one of the largest plains in all of Sardinia, with numerous archaeological sites of considerable interest, including one of the most important megalithic fortifications of the Mediterranean that Olmedo preserves, confirming its distant roots, in the fullness of its robustness, the Complex of Monte Baranta, the most extraordinary example of a fortified pre-Nuragic settlement attributable to the Copper Age between 2400 and 2200 BC but equally important they are the nuragic palace of Santi Antine in Torralba and the necropolis of Sant'Andrea Priu in Bonorva, without forgetting the Roman remains of Porto Torres and the various Romanesque churches that dot the area.

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