A few kilometers from the Alghero airport and the homonymous town, one of the most famous and ancient resorts of Sardinia, on the slopes of Monte Rosso, immersed in the Olmedesi countryside, an ecological house and a comfortable Bio-Eco Sustainable b & b with organic breakfast Ideal for families wishing to find the comfort of their home in the vacation spot, for a romantic getaway, for a break from a business or business trip, for all those who choose to spend time in an unspoilt natural setting Who want a responsible holiday in the respect of the environment..

La casa Gaia is for a sustainable lifestyle, and therefore, for its construction, has chosen the innovative Ytong autoclaved aerated concrete system for a truly sustainable new construction: the system, made with only raw materials of Natural origin, sand, lime and water, offers optimal thermal insulation values for a high energy saving, obtaining in this regard the most important international certifications in the field of ecology and environmental sustainability.

In order to limit its "impact" to the maximum, but above all to the awareness that energy means so warmth, well-being, quality of life but too often it is consumed without knowing the consequences, la casa Gaia has been equipped with photovoltaic panels for production Electricity and garden lighting uses only low power consumption lamps.

But not only is energy a precious, inestimable source of life, it is just as water, which must also be used without unnecessary waste, as well as the environment that in order to safeguard it. La casa Gaia carries out a meticulously differentiated using the container debts available to its Guests, and always protecting the environment, cares its ornamental green areas according to the criteria of organic farming.

But for a vacation as well as "conscious" is also comfortable, in the exclusive garden of its Guests La casa Gaia will offer a tasty and healthy organic breakfast to be consumed in the loggia covered by the wooden pergola outside the rooms; Guests can also enjoy the shade of the centuries-old olive grove or rather the large mulberry in comfortable loungers or comfortable deckchairs, make a healthy walk through the large green spaces provided by La casa Gaia or, if you prefer a somewhat more recreational activity ..., have fun with a nice table tennis game.

Dedicated to its Guests also a minute sale of local handicrafts as well as tourist maps, information brochures and books of our island in order to be able to visit the best of everything the territory ... and return to La casa Gaia, naturally parking inside, At the hour that most aggravates him since they are at their disposal also the keys of the gate.

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