Breakfast The house Gaia chose the organic, all food and drink offering are strictly organic or from fair trade and where you can Km0 not fail to delight guests with our traditional sweets, our jams and marmalades, our varieties of honey, our sourdough bread, the organic seasonal fruit, all for a rich and healthy breakfast typically Italian.

On demand also makes products available for vegan and gluten, foods without milk, eggs or yeast; for those who then need particular attentions food there is also the possibility of having alternative foods such as soy beverages, rice, oat, almond or rather of millet, natural sweeteners such as malt, maple syrup, stevia or Kamut, spelled bread, rye, ancient grains.

Please remember that some foods may contain ingredients not suitable for those suffering from food allergies or intolerances, I therefore ask you to report it in your booking form, we will be happy to arrange alternative solutions.

In addition to "classic" drinks (tea, coffee, milk ...) our guests will also appreciate the special taste notes of more than 80 herbs and spices selected from organic farming that give different types of YOGI TEA their unmistakable aroma and beneficial action that promotes the vitality and joy of life.

The most appropriate time for the breakfast service will be our guests to decide, starting at 8:00, just inform us the night before.

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